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MARRIED – straight Bi – curious men incall only,

Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Relaxation Sports. A real unique Experience like a subtle mix of sports and relaxation massage.

– straight Bi – curious men incall only, 

All facilities provided according to Client requests and needs in a safe private safe discreet location.

Daily life

can cause heighten and strain on the body. This is a relaxing full body smooth focusing on the areas that can gain locked up by life at the back a desk and in particular the shoulders, neck, and upper and demean back. This is an excellent antidote to the stresses of the day.

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Our bodies

 are purposefully tuned and our suitability of lie alongside is very developed. This sensational full body massage, using a variety of oscillate strokes, pressure and techniques will relax, stimulate, calm and invigorate.

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Treat yourself

and let your body feel fantastic. 30 Minute sessions are £40, 60-minute sessions £80.00 and 90-minute sessions £100.00

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Treat yourself and let your body feel fantastic.

This full body smooth can be a more dynamic or more relaxing daub depending on your mood upon the day.





Lets Create Your Perfect Massage.

Why not take some period out to relax and be pampered! This calming massage is excellent showing off for your body to let go and to let your mind drift into dreams.



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday09:00 – 24:00